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Having tissues, bottles and cooldrink tins falling off your game drive without anyone noticing, has probably happened to most of us. Please do take care to avoid accidental litter and actively pick up litter from the side of the road and the bush whenever you may see it and dispose of such in a responsible manner. Thank you to everyone who already assists in keeping Mabalingwe litter free.


All guests, visitors and owners are asked to help us protect the environment by joining our
recycling programme.

Please place all tins, bottles, glass, paper, cardboard and plastic into a green bin bag and all other household waste into a black bin bag.

Please note that only household waste can be disposed of on the Greater Mabalingwe
 - any items not considered usual household waste, including building rubble and appliances,
must be removed  from the property.



Please make use of the pre-registration system to reduce pressure on the gate and the security system and to ease the passage of your visitors through the Main Gate.

Updated: 07/04/2017


The majority of Body Corporates have recently adopted common conduct rules.  Please make your guests, family and renters aware of the rules.   Click here for a copy of the abridged rules.  For a full set of the conduct rules, please contact your
BC Chairman.


There have been a spate of home invasions in the northern areas since lockdown restrictions were eased - the number of incidents in surrounding areas has also increased.  Mabalingwe is piloting a drone project presently in an effort to deter, chase and/or apprehend the criminals.


Time spent dealing with noise complaints takes Security personnel away from their primary function of protecting people and property. Owners are asked to please ensure that anyone visiting their homes is aware of the no-noise rules.

BC’s will be asked to consider specific noise rules and procedures at their 2020 AGM’s for adoption across the Greater Mabalingwe.


While the risk of bush fires has been greatly reduced due to the wonderful rains, the risk of fire remains high over the holiday period from uncontrolled or unmanned braai fires, lightning and electrical problems.

Owners are urged to make sure their fire-fighting equipment is in good working order and easily accessible to anyone visiting the property.